Adding phone numbers to users

Each user has to add his mobile phone number to his profile to enable receiving text messages via Notifications for JIRA.

How to

  • Click your avatar icon on the top right
  • Select Profile
  • Scroll down to 'Notification Preferences'
  • Click the Pencil icon
  • Add your phone number
  • Click save

Your phone number is now saved.


For administrators who want to add phone numbers for multiple users, they can do so by using a PUT on the standard JIRA REST API on end point: http://jira-base-url/rest/api/2/user/properties/

with the phone number in the content body.


If you want to validate the input, you can do so by using a POST on the REST API on end point: http://jira-base-url/rest/nebulio/notifications/1.0/phone?phoneNumber=<your phone> with the phone number in the query string. 

This REST API end point will validate the entered number, and will return the number that will be stored if ok. 


If there's an error, it will return a json like the example below

{"message":"This phone number doesn't exist, please enter a correct phone number."}